Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

(wearing Abby's bunny ears)

Playgroup was pretty insane today. Heather had planned for the kids to do an Easter egg hunt so "the regulars" were joined by "the others." We had several moms & tots show up who hadn't showed up before, and then a new family recently moved into the ward so they came to try playgroup out as well. I think about 18 kids showed up! It's a good thing Heather has a decent-sized yard!

The kids all played with toys while we waited for everyone to show up. Heather had braved the bad weather this morning and set little plastic eggs out all over her yard. Luckily by the time we went out into the yard it was sunny and things were starting to dry off a bit.

The kids all waited on the cement until Heather said "GO!" then they all rushed the lawn. The well-seasoned children knew exactly what to do and ran all around finding as many eggs as they could while the younger ones needed a bit more prompting.

Rachel only hunted one egg down. That was enough for her--at least she's not greedy!

It took about ten seconds for the kids to find all the eggs and then we moved the party inside to keep the little ones from eating too many leaves.

Rachel might not be very greedy at this stage in her life, but she certainly is aggressive. Any toy that anyone else has is much more interesting than whatever she has on hand and so she tries to steal other children's toys, which causes problems. We're working on sharing, though. Aubrey was nice enough to let Rachel share the little xylophone with her, although she doesn't look too happy about it. I had to keep Rachel from completely taking over...she's so grabby!

Another thing Rachel likes to do is point out facial features of people, babies in particular. She will do to illustrations while we are reading books, pointing out each animal and person's eyes, nose, and mouth. She will do this to her toy animals, poking their eyes and noses and kissing them all over. She does it to grown ups, who help guide her active fingers. It's really only a problem when she grabs hold of an ear or lip or nose and won't let go, or when she pokes other children's eyes. We're still working at being soft. I think she only got two or three children in the eye today, so out of eighteen that's not bad, right?

Look, more eggs!
In a few years I'm sure Rachel will understand things like how an Easter egg hunt really works and why that other baby's ear is not a chew toy. These things take time.


  1. Yeah, it's kinda like watching the art progression... when kids figure out that body parts are actually attached to other people and hurt when you pull them, just like your own body parts hurt when someone else pulls them! So much fun learning... which is the art progression parallel: watch the pictures kids draw of people. Invariably the early stages are big heads with arms and legs. Eventually we figure out there's a torso in between! lol

  2. I'm always amazed at easter egg hunts that are over so quick! Our family would spend at least an hour in the front yard finding eggs, and an hour (or more) in the back yard, maybe we're just really good at hiding eggs. I'm not sure. . .

    Good luck with the whole sharing thing!