Monday, March 17, 2008

Rachel's day

As always Rachel had a very active day. The first thing she went for this morning was the nightstand. We keep a stick of chap stick on the nightstand and Rachel loves it! If I put some on my own lips and don't offer her any she'll scream at me until I remember to put some on hers as well. She also loves to suck on it, with the cap on.

Will you open it for me?
When we came out into the living room Rachel pulled down her toys. While she was busy making some new messes I was busy cleaning up some old ones.

(it's blurry...sorry)

I started washing her exersaucer and she climbed right into the bowl to play. It's a pity she had fun playing with it while I was taking it apart today. She won't sit in it anymore, at least not for very long intervals, so we are packing it away. She doesn't like being stuck in the chair, preferring the freedom on the outside of the saucer--she still likes to play with the toys on it (from the outside, of course) but I figure we have others to keep her entertained and having this out of our living room makes it feel much bigger!

Later, Rachel discovered that the cake container my dad gave to us makes a very good drum. She had fun banging on it all day long.

And when she wasn't doing that she was kicking around. This isn't exactly a new thing; it is more of a rediscovery. She thinks that laying on her back and kicking her legs while pumping her arms is just too much fun. It brings back memories of quite a few months ago...


  1. not to compare rachel to my dog, but Indy does that too! I put chapstick on before bed and she comes right over and sticks her nose in my face, trying to get some for herself. Of course, she'd prefer to just eat it, not wear it.

    and I love rachel's plastic pants!! Brings back memories. . .not of me, but my youngest sister's diaper days.

  2. Yay for having fun! As long as I can leave the fun behind me when I go home. Hehe.

  3. One day when Josie was a baby, she was screaming in the back seat of the car and wouldn't be quiet. So Abbi handed Nancy her pot of lip balm, and said, "Here, she likes this, feed her this." Nancy took it, opened it, and all was blissfully quiet--for a few minutes. Then the loud crying started again. Nancy said "Now what should I do? It's all gone." Abbi said "How can it be all gone; it was full!" Nancy said "Well, you said to feed it to her..." Abbi whipped around to look, and sure enough, the container was empty. "I meant to put some on her lips and let her lick it off!" I am glad Nancy has learned not to feed the chap stick to Rachel in quite the same way she fed it to Josie! :o)

  4. @ Krystal--

    Man alive! I can never get any of her clothes to do up over her cloth she spends a lot of time wearing just her rubber pants. :)

    And don't worry about comparing her to your dog. If Indy is hyper, likes chap stick, and has her tongue sticking out of her mouth a lot I think I can see the comparison, myself!