Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday, Monday

What were the Mamas and the Papas thinking when they decided that the next line to that song should be "so good to me?"

Perhaps it isn't Monday's fault. Perhaps it is my own fault for trying to do too much at once. If only I didn't have so much to do.

And then I finally get Rachel down for a nap and what do I do? Write. I have a million other things today and my house still looks like a a hurricane passed through.

Well, here's an excerpt from my day.

I was busy working away on the primary newsletter when the dryer buzzer went off so I left Rachel playing on the floor while I attempted to take the clothes out. Rachel started screaming at me so I picked her up, put her on one hip, and headed back to the dryer. It was full of diapers which weren't quite dry yet, so I spread them out on the bed to finish drying in the sun.

I went back to the washing machine and opened it up, expecting to find soggy clothes ready to be flung into the dryer. Alas, the machine pooped out on us again so instead I found clothes-soup. I tried to put the washing machine on another spin cycle to see if it would drain, but it wouldn't. So I took some of the clothes out and threw them in the bathtub to see if I could find anything stuck on the "spinny-thing." I didn't find anything stuck and the washer still wouldn't start and now I had water drips all over the floor and sopping wet clothes in the bathtub. I did the only thing I could do: headed back to the computer to complain to Andrew.

Rachel was on my lap while I chatted to Andrew, trying to finish the primary newsletter and play "If you're happy and you know it" with Rachel at the same time, while also trying to keep her from pounding on the keyboard or pulling on the phone cord.

We were having a rousing round of "if you're happy and you know it, kick your legs" when I felt something warm and wet spread across my lap. Rachel hadn't paused her kicking, or acted like she was going to go...but she peed. And it leaked through her (disposable) diaper and all over me. I complained to Andrew again,
Nancy: I hate today.

Andrew [He's sick still but was a tough, tough boy and went to school anyway]: I'm sorry. I'm a hater of today so far, too.

Nancy [Trying to prove that my day was far worse than his when it probably wasn't]: I have pee running down my legs.

Andrew: Yikes...

Nancy: It is not my own. [Just in case he thought it was.] I can't shower because the tub is full of wet clothes and our baby only took a half hour nap and is so very grumpy...and apparently rather pee-pee-ful.

Well, we're doing better now. The washing machine kicked back on and I was able to change out of my Rachel-soaked clothes, but I still wouldn't say that Monday has been so good to me. I guess it didn't end up being so terrible after all even though Rachel has me bordering on insanity.


  1. there's an awesome song called "I don't like mondays" by bob geldof you might like after a day like today (I'm having one too) Good thing monday's always end!

    the song is on my facebook page

  2. Hmm... I suppose it could have been something worse than pee... and I spent 3 months of my mission washing my clothes in the tub and a good couple of weeks doing it in my new place here. It isn't THAT bad.

  3. I LOVE those glasses on Rachel! I love that when the day gets rough, you talk to Andrew on the computer. Me too (to Matt). Forget about all the things going on. Get it out of your system. That's what I say.