Monday, March 10, 2008

Waffles and Taco Salad

The telephone rang while Andrew was busy making dinner. I was off doing something with Rachel so Andrew got there first. It was his mom. They were making waffles and wanted to know if we would join them for dinner.

"Ooooh, waffles," said Andrew. Then he came to find me.

"My parents are making waffles," he said. The minute he had that part out, I knew he was committed. He loves waffles, "But I just finished making dinner...what do you think we should do?"

"I choose that you choose and you can't make me choose and it has to be something good." I said.

"I want to have waffles but I just finished making dinner. Ahh! What do we do?"

"We can go to your parents' for dinner. That's fine."

"We can take the salad," Andrew said. He knows that I love taco salad.

So that's how we came to have both waffles and taco salad for dinner. Kind of an eclectic combination, I know.

Andrew said the food prayer and, being the good older brother that he is, paused before saying amen just to bother Emily. For a few seconds everything was silent as we all waited for Andrew to close the prayer so that we could eat. Rachel was the first to lose her patience entirely,

"Ah-bah!" she squealed.

"Amen," Andrew agreed with her, finishing the prayer.

"Amen!" we all said, Emily most enthusiastic of all, and dug in to the beautiful spread of waffles and taco salad.

Grandma and Rachel, Grandpa and Adam(Ew! Rachel's face is all drooly! Even her hair is wet! What did she do?)

Andrew's BFF, Steve, was in town with his little family. Steve's parents live just a few doors down from Andrew's so we got to go down and visit with all the Gillespies and little baby Adam, who isn't so little any more. Rachel, of course, was very forward and kept giving Adam kisses. Adam was being rather friendly back. It's a good thing we had plenty of chaperones!


  1. mmm, taco salad sounds too good! it's been a while since I've had that! and I think I'm going to start saying "I choose that you choose and you can't make me choose and it has to be something good." just to see how matt reacts. this is gonna be good *laughs*

  2. yay for baby snogging!

  3. so cute! I think eating eclectically is fun! I totally miss Sister Heiss's crepes that we used to always go over and eat in high school!