Friday, March 21, 2008

Family Motto

At staff meeting this week Andrew was introduced to, a highly addicting website. There are a few websites like this out there and all of them seem to be rather addicting. You just input a key word or phrase and they generate a slogan for you. The output can be quite entertaining.

For example, I typed in "baby" because I was holding one on my lap. I got this:

  • I want baby and I want it now!

And then because I wished that baby was napping I typed in "nap time" and got this:

  • I trust nap time.
  • Nap time is back!
  • Nap time. The power on your side.

I thought those were all pretty catchy slogans for nap time.

We had a lot of fun trying out our names in slogans and tried coming up with a family motto. I'm not sure any of these will stick, but you never know.

  • There's lots of fun in Heissatopia.
  • I can't believe I ate the whole Heiss Family.
  • Heissatopia - Your personal entertainer.
  • With a name like Heissatopia, it has to be good.
  • Don't live a little, live a Heiss Family.
  • Heissatopia after a long day.
  • Heissatopia is what the world was waiting for.
  • Heiss Family just feels right.
  • Heissatopia, created by nature.
  • Everyone should believe in Heissatopia
  • Got a Heiss Family? You're in luck!
  • Go farther with Heissatopia.
  • I'm not just the Heiss Family. I'm a member.
  • Live Heissatopia.
  • When you've got Heiss Family, flaunt it!
  • Take what you want, but leave Heissatopia!
  • Good honest Heiss Family, since 2005.
  • All Heiss Family, all the time.
  • Come to life, come to Heissatopia.

What do you think? Should we make one official?


  1. They're all great, but I particularly like "Heissatopia is what the world was waiting for." Pretty cool!

  2. Hehe I think they are great. I like "Heissatopia, created by nature"

    I will have to check out that site!

  3. That's awesome! Yeah, that site is addicting, we were having lots of fun with it. I'll have to post a few of our favorites...thanks. :)