Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Generally speaking, Rachel is much more gentle with me than she is with Andrew. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I play much more gently with her while Andrew tends to be a bit more into roughhousing.

The other day Rachel was sitting on the potty and Andrew and I were keeping her company. She stretched out her little hand with her index finger extended and gently pressed my nose (over and over and over again).

"That's mommy's nose!" I told her, "Nose..."

I poked her little nose back. She giggled and touched my nose again.

Feeling a little jealous, Andrew asked,

"Where's daddy's nose?"

Rachel looked at him, gave an excited little shriek, grabbed a fistful of his lips/cheek/nose, and squeezed as hard as she could. Not quite what Andrew was expecting.

She went after his nose during family prayer today as well. We were all cuddled on the couch, Rachel was nursing, and we decided just to have family prayer where we were. In the middle of the prayer, Rachel gently stuck her finger up Andrew's nose. For some reason he thought that I had stuck my finger up his nose (because I do that kind of thing so often), so when that little finger was joined by a little thumb and started pinching and twisting he gave me a little (kind-hearted) shove to make me stop.

It was only when Rachel, startled by the shove Andrew gave me, retracted her fingers that Andrew noticed they were much, much too small to be mine. I suppose when you are trying to focus on saying the prayer you don't have time to analyze whose fingers are stuck up your nose and why.

My favorite nose mishap of Andrew and Rachel happened today while they were playing peek-a-boo with Andrew's computer as a barrier. Rachel was standing behind the laptop and was craning her neck around so that she could see him, and then she would smile and quickly hide behind the laptop again.

Eventually he noticed that she was trying to initiate a game with him and he stopped working on his homework to play with her for a little while. He started poking his face around the monitor as well, and then ducking back behind it. Occasionally he'd look at her by lowering the screen so that he could look down at her, and then he would raise the screen to "hide" again.

Andrew and Rachel had just peeked at each other around the monitor and quickly hid themselves on their respective sides when Andrew decided that it was time to look at Rachel from over the monitor again, to see if he could catch her off guard. He reached his hand up, grabbed the top of the monitor and brought it crashing down into his nose and mouth.

That was the end of that game. I consoled Andrew about his nose and then had to get Rachel interested in playing with something other than daddy. She'll be happy to have him virtually all to herself this summer, minus the 8-5 job that we hope he'll have!


  1. Hah. I'm sorry, but that's just too funny. I should feel more sympathetic about Andrew smashing his own nose in his laptop... but who'd have known you could do such a thing to yourself? Something akin to shutting your nose in the door. :-D

  2. Your blog is so impressive! I doubt I will ever be so prolific but you are definitely inspiring!

  3. you're stories are always so funny. It makes me laugh, especially since I understand where you're coming from!