Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Basket Preview

Being sick for a week really cut down on our grocery bill for this month. We still have milk left over from our previous shopping trip and really didn't need too much at the store. I'd like to say that we just bought what we needed and saved the rest of our grocery money for a rainy day, but instead we bought some Easter goodies.

I won't disclose everything that we bought because then Easter just wouldn't be as much of a surprise. However, since we are the parents and Easter isn't a surprise anyway, and since Rachel was already in bed, we took some time to look over our Easter wares.

Andrew was especially excited about the water guns we purchased--we want to see how Rachel reacts to them. We think it might be possible to train her like you would train a cat.

"Rachel, stop that!" *Squirt, squirt!*

She loves water way too much though, so I don't actually believe this method will work, but at least they'll still be good for a water fight or two (or more) over the summer.

Andrew had to test them out in order to figure out how far they could spray. In the house they can spray from our front door all the way to the closet at the end of the hall. That either means that these water guns spray really far or we have a really small house.

"It's a good thing we didn't get those dinky 2-for-a-dollar ones!" he said, pleased that he had managed to talk me into spending an extra quarter for the upgraded model, as he went around spraying everything he thought I would let him get away with spraying--meaning he got to clean the bathroom mirrors.

(Like his haircut? Just did that tonight!)

We also got a few little cheap photo books for Rachel to make some "quiet" books for church--I'm going to put some pass along cards in them. I went to go put them away with the rest of Rachel's Easter stash and pulled out a cute little board book that I got at Target for $1. I love the dollar section at Target. I started flipping through it with Andrew and said,

"I love the dollar section at Target. Maybe I'll go back and pick up a few more books for Rachel."

It's true. I love the dollar section at Target and Rachel loves books. It works out well for both of us.

"Wait!" Andrew said, clearly worried, "Why is that page upside down?"

"There isn't a page upside down...I don't think," I said. I had read the book before and didn't notice anything wrong but started to worry that I had purchased a defective copy. I flipped through the book, which didn't take long since it has about eight pages. I still didn't see anything upside down.

"Oh, there!" Andrew pointed out, looking over my shoulder.

"Where?" I asked. I still hadn't noticed anything wrong.

"Right there! Go back!"

I flipped back a couple of pages.

"You mean...this page?" I asked Andrew, laughing. He was quite embarrassed.