Thursday, March 06, 2008

Helping Hands

The dishwasher got loaded more than once today. Rachel became the self-proclaimed official dishwasher emptier, which is fine by me. I'm ready for some more help around here--and goodness knows Rachel has spent most of her life thus far making messes. It's high time she volunteered to help out. However, I would have appreciated it if she had waited to unload the dishwasher until after the dishes had been washed.

We eventually had to just give up doing the dishes, leaving part of them loaded, part of them re-loaded, and part of them sitting in the sink. After the dishwasher was closed, Rachel decided that she should probably pull all the magnets off the fridge. For about the twelfth time today.

I can almost reach it!
And when she was finished doing that, she went and dumped out her toy boxes. Again. Needless to say I got very little done today.


  1. OH come on, give your self credit---if Rachel was able to take the magnets OFF the fridge 12 times, I am guessing that someone put them back ON the fridge at least 11--and I am guessing that person was you! That's a LOT of magnet-putting-backing that you accomplished today! Good on you!

  2. And you get to keep her... mwahahahahahaha.