Monday, March 31, 2008

Personal Information

Andrew has been drowning in homework and work-work the past few weeks. To help him stay afloat I corrected the last assignment for his design class. As part of the assignment, his students had to attach 5 examples of business stationary (letterhead, envelopes or business cards), along with a critique of the design.

One student had attached a scholarship award letter from BYU, along with a critique of the BYU letterhead. This student took the time to black out their address--some sort of percautionary measure, I suppose. It made me giggle because, even though the student had blocked out their address, anyone student, staff, faculty, or alumnus of BYU who saw their name on the paper could look up their address on Route Y, anyway.

At least that student had made some sort of an attempt at privacy, though because I almost died laughing when I came across an assignment of a student who had submitted, not one but, two bank statements from different banks (along with the necessary critiques). This student hadn't bothered to cross out their account number, their current balance, or any of their very personal information.

If any other student, staff, faculty, or alumnus of BYU happens across those papers, I hope they are very honest.

I was very tempted to write across the top of the paper: Do you want to have your identity stolen?


  1. You should have done it! Probably would have waked the person up... Probably indicates a student who didn't bother with the assignment til the morning after...

  2. But Nancy, it's BYU, and stuff like that doesn't happen there.

  3. Hey Nancy...I tagged you here. Hopefully it will be a fun one for you.