Monday, March 17, 2008

Green eggs and pan (cakes)

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, which we're not sure even was today, we made a lovely dinner of pancakes, eggs, and applesauce--all dyed green. We did so like the green eggs and pan(cakes) but weren't too sure about the applesauce. It ended up being a little too bright of a green and was a little unnerving to eat. I suppose it all tasted normal, but it was fun to have it all be green.


  1. Ah, yes... those darned liturgical rules. :) The saint's day itself doesn't change, though. Interestingly enough, in the Anglo-Saxon era, I don't believe they even had a day for St. Patrick. He was, after all, English. And the English and the Irish actually had quite a lot of exchange during the Anglo-Saxon period... so I'm rather surprised to realise that he doesn't come up more often... Despite having become the patron saint of the Irish through much kidnapping and other dire events. :-D

  2. Come on, it's Lent! They can't eat ham... ;)