Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friends for Dinner

Today Rachel had Isabelle and Eliza over to play. She was so excited to have friends over. She kept falling over whenever she tried to stand up because she kept jumping and bouncing around.

Rachel had fun showing the girls her toys, poking them in the eyes, and kissing their foreheads. She was a little offended that they started avoiding her, but I was impressed that they remained "gentle" and didn't poke or hit back. Rachel really needs to learn to be "soft;" she just gets so excited that she can hardly restrain herself...and gives anyone who tries to stop her a hard time.

Pulling on Eliza (right before gouging her eye)
Isabelle sharing the blanket
Kisses for Isabelle
Story time with daddy and the twins
Dinner was quite the fanfare with three demanding babies in high chairs to feed. Rachel kept grabbing at Eliza's tray. The twins wanted our dinner instead of their own and halfway through the meal decided that each other's food looked better so they swapped plates with each other, spilling a goodly amount. All in all though I think we did okay with three. We weren't much more messy after dinner was over than we had been before.

Rachel was sad to see the twins leave, after she realized that they were really gone. She has a delayed reaction when people leave (unless that person is me). When Andrew leaves for school I tell her to wave bye-bye but she won't until after he's closed the door. It's kind of funny. She did the same thing with the twins. She was still all hyper and excited after they left but then she looked around and realized they weren't hiding anywhere so she started to act all bored again.

Good thing we have playgroup tomorrow so Rachel can play with more friends!


  1. Ah, thank goodness! From the title I was a little worried she had maybe eaten her friends for lunch, which, judging from some of her kissing habits, would be a very valid concern! :-D

  2. Hailey used to do the exact same thing when saying goodbye to people. When they were actually leaving she'd just kind of give them a blank stare and as soon as the door closed she would wave and say, "Bye bye!" Kids are so funny!