Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He held it all night!

We have two bathrooms in our house but we only use one. The other one is kind of scary. There's a shower head in there, attached to the wall, but there's no actual shower area--just a drain--and the toilet leaks nonstop and when you flush it the bidet sprayer thing inside goes off all over the place. So we just turned the water off in that bathroom and use it as a literal water closet; it houses boxes and boxes of tap water that we have on reserve to use for when we don't have water so that we can still do things like flush our toilet.

Usually we're fine with having only one washroom. Rachel isn't to the age where she understands privacy yet, so more often than not the door stays open no matter who's in there.

When we have company over, though, we do close the door and have to worry about shower schedules and other things like that.

My mom wanted to take a shower the first morning she was at our house and before she did wanted to make sure that no one would need to use the bathroom while she was in there. It's not really a problem for Rachel since I can just drag her little potty into the hallway while company is showering. When I forget to do that, she's pretty open about doing her business in a bowl, although I'm sure that will wear off as she gets older.

It's a little more tricky for Andrew and I since we're so fond of using toilets and not fond of using bowls.

So I called out to Andrew, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

He looked at me all innocently and said, "I'm dry. I mean, I held it all night."

My mom and I burst out laughing. Apparently he hadn't been listening to the whole conversation my mom and I had just had about showering schedules.

"No, like, my mom wants to have a shower, you need to use the bathroom before she goes in there?"

Andrew said that I used my "Rachel voice" on him when I asked if he had to go to the bathroom so it confused him. I'm sure I did use my "Rachel voice" because she's the person I ask that question to most often. Still, why would he even think that I was concerned he had wet the bed?


  1. This really cracked me up. I still don't get why you would think he would have wet the bed, even if you did use your Rachel voice.

  2. I am glad Andrew has mastered holding it through the night!

  3. hahahahahahahahha