Friday, April 09, 2010

Bad Laundry Week

This was not a good week for laundry. Rachel wet the bed on Tuesday so I had to do that laundry. I put in her sheets and blankets with some diapers. After I had washed those I put another load of whites in.

On Wednesday she spilled the contents of her potty on the bathroom floor and then cleaned it up all on her own, which would have been awesome except that she used the biggest towel she could find to do the job when a small hand towel would have done the job just as well. There’s another load. I put the towel in with some darks.

Yesterday I went out to get the clean laundry from the line and found that some water had dripped from our upstairs neighbour’s balcony and that water had splashed onto our clothes. Now all our whites were speckled with flecks of mud. So I had to rewash those clothes. And of course there were yet more diapers to wash so I ended up doing more than one load yesterday as well.

Then early this morning Rachel came into our room.

“Mommy…” she whispered.

“You’re up?! Oh, no!”

Rachel is not an early riser. If she was awake then surely that meant we had slept in and were late for church! Both Andrew and I were supposed to sing today so it wasn’t a good day to be late.

“Andrew, wake up, quick! We’re late! What time is it?”

I hastily leaned over him to grab the cell phone from the dresser.

6:47 AM. Never mind. We weren’t even close to being late yet.

I squinted at Rachel. She had no pants on.

“Did you wet the bed?” I guessed.

She nodded.

I sighed and plopped back onto my pillow. “Oh, Rachel!”

“Don’t be serious, Momma!” she pleaded.

That line is a classic at our house, along with “I’m a little bit of sad.”

So there was yet another load of laundry to do, and it had to be done today, too, since she had peed on her favourite blanket. At least both laundry baskets are completely empty, aside from what we put in them today. With any luck I shouldn’t have to do laundry for another day or two. Usually I only do 2-3 loads of laundry per week, depending on how many diapers we use and how many outfits the girls go through on any given day. This week I think my total was more like six loads!

A high-capacity washing machine would be a very welcome sight in my life. Also a dryer.


  1. Soon my friend. Soon. "I'm a little bit of sad" might become my new phrase of thew eek. I like it.

  2. I feel your pain. After doing 7 loads of laundry today, I rewashed sheets and blankets (two sets!) that had gotten soiled in the intervening time. Then I washed diapers to round out the total loads to 9. Thank heaven for dryers.