Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday: Boggle

In my memory, Grandma Conrad wasn’t much of a games player. Grandpa certainly was—from Pit and Crokinole to shooting apples off people’s head—but Grandma seemed to view games more as a way of getting people out from underfoot so that she could get some work done. Grandma was always working.

But she was partial to Boggle.

I remember sitting around her kitchen table, eating Christmas with Grandma and David. Grandma wasn’t much of a candy-eater, but for some reason she couldn’t stay out of the jar of red, white, and green jelly beans a neighbour had dropped off. Every time she’d take one she’d remark on how horrid it was.

Then she’d take another, which was no better than the first. And then another—still no good. Just one more…

While we ate gingerbread and sugar cookies (and jelly beans, of course) we played Boggle.

Grandma didn’t actually have the game Boggle, but she had built a little tray out of an old Christmas card that we filled up at random with letters from Scrabble.

I don’t remember quite why David and I were there alone with my grandma or where everyone else was…but I do remember that my grandma is one mean word-finding machine!


  1. She WAS a game player: but really just two games, Scrabble and Boggle. I think she would have loved Quiddler, too, if it would have been around to love.

  2. Actually, I think I also remember her playing Celestial Pursuit or that BoM Heroes game or something, too...

  3. I pretty sure the day you posted this, Elizabeth Andrew, and I had played boggle. Ooh! And Elizabeth found the word Europe in one. I have a picture.

  4. That's too funny, I had never heard of Boggle before I married Andy, and HIS Grandma is a big boggle player. I just think of Scrabble when I think of Grandma Conrad... I guess she never pulled out Boggle with us! :)