Monday, April 05, 2010

The drum roll

Is it just me or does your heart leap into your throat, too, when you read the words “Thank you for your application. We have reviewed your resume and...?”

I always get tense and panicky at this point, dreading that the phrase “regret to inform you” will follow, and, well, no one likes to hear why anyone regrets to inform them anything. I have to swallow hard before I continue reading.

We’ve already been through all the grad school letters of regret and now that I’ve plastered Andrew’s resume everywhere we’re starting to receive feedback from prospective employers. Luckily we’ve only heard positive things so far.

Today’s letter email was almost disastrous. It was as follows:

Thank you for your application. We have reviewed your resume and…

*DRUM ROLL* (if you please)

are interested in moving you forward in our process.  The next step is a general aptitude and personality assessment…. We administer the assessment at various times throughout the week in our Provo office. This assessment takes approximately two hours.

Oh, horrors! Provo is no where near us!

Andrew emailed them to regretfully inform them of our location on the globe. They emailed back immediately offering to allow him to take the test from here via the spiffy internet or to “keep [his] application active” until we get back.

So take that, silly grad schools. Someone out there thinks my husband is so cool that he’s willing to wait two and a half months for him to have a shot at this position. Just sayin'…

It’s all about the small victories.

(By the way, Andrew, I’d wait for two and a half months for you, too.)


  1. Yeah!! Must feel good to get that kind of e-mail!

  2. And you did wait 2 months..times 12 :)

  3. MMmmm...not quite. Technically I only waited five months since I wasn't planning on waiting for him when he left and we didn't even begin writing until five months before he came home... ;)

  4. YAY!! Congratulations! That's awesome =) You guys deserve it and much more