Monday, April 26, 2010

Dress-ups and Nicknames

This morning Rachel found some scarves and decided to play dress-ups with them. Since she’s the older sister, she enlisted Miriam into her game as well.

She put the scarf over Miriam’s head and announced that Miriam was a woman. Or, as she says, a “yiman.”

“Look, Miriam’s a yiman because she’s in a hijab! But she’s only a baby yiman. No! She’s a princess and I’m going to be the prince!”

IMG_5625 IMG_5626

That arrangement only lasted for a few moments before Rachel realized that she made a better princess candidate (obviously) and that Miriam should be the prince (naturally). So she demanded that I make Miriam a turban out of one scarf and a hijab for her out of the other one.

Miriam doesn’t know about gender roles yet (or about gender at all) so she doesn’t care if she plays the prince or the princess. I told Rachel to enjoy that while it lasts, which should be another two years or so…at which time I believe Rachel won’t get off so easy for stripping Miriam of being princess.

IMG_5628 IMG_5633

I think both girls make beautiful princesses.


Yesterday Rachel was talking to Andrew and she called him “Da,” which is a clear truncation of what she usually calls him (either Dada or Daddy or Dad).

“Okay, Ray!” he said.

She whirled around and said, “-ch! It’s Rach, Dad, okay? Not Ray.”

Apparently she has developed a strong opinion about her nicknames. Andrew teased her about calling her Ray until she was nearly in tears, insisting that it wasn’t her name.  It was rather funny.

I’m fine with the nickname Rach, but how do you spell it, really? R-A-C-H just doesn’t do the pronunciation justice since when I see that I usually want to rhyme it with “match.” Rache doesn’t yield the correct pronunciation, either. Hmmmm….


  1. I made my sister play the boy parts for years, and years, and years. We have tons of photos of many Christmas nativities where she is Joseph. This may explain why we didn't get along in high school :) I'm with Rachel on the can be difficult. My whole family/hubby/and some friends calle me "Chris" which they spell Crys because should Crystal without the tal say Chris. But everyone who is not family and sees it always says cries. Oh well. For example after seeing my Christmas stocking, "Who is cute cries?"

  2. I'd say Rach, but maybe that's must me.

    I'm particular about my nickname too. When people ask if they can call me Mandie, I respond "Sure, as long as you spell it right." Mandie is my nickname (also okay is Mandi, for forgetful people). Mandy is Barry Manilow's dog.

  3. Ooh you could always do Raych (which of course satisfies Andrew's need for teasing her and Rachel's need to not be named Ray). Or OR you could all sorts of ridiculous vowels in there just to over emphasize the hard A sound. Raich or Raiych or Raiyche. :D (kidding of course...)

    You do have 2 lovely princesses on your hands.

  4. I go with Raich. And I also went by Rae for a while.

  5. This just made me think, "...and you can be the cat."

  6. is all I have to say.

  7. Bahaha! I love it! Miriam looks so adorable in that turban! I can't believe how grown up she's getting! Rachel, too, is getting so big. I love that she didn't like the name Ray. That made me laugh!