Saturday, April 03, 2010

What’s new on the Miriam homefront

Miriam has yet to start on real solid food—I’m still trying to hold off until the six month mark. However, two days ago Daddy convinced me that letting her suck on a carrot during dinner wasn’t going to hurt her. It broke my heart a little to hand her a big chunk of carrot but I did it and it made dinner time a little happier for everyone.

IMG_5246 IMG_5250

Also in our arsenal for Miriam-entertaining during dinner are cups and spoons. She is still trying to figure out why we keep putting spoons in our mouth and already knows all about the joys of cups and water bottles. I’ve been giving her little sips from cups and bottles for a few weeks now and she loves it. She gets really excited every time she sees a cup, which is making sacrament very interesting.

Yesterday Brother Cummings was teasing her by moving the tray in front of her while she hyper-ventilated and eagerly grabbed at the  moving target. Dozens of little cups full of water and he wouldn’t let her take even one! Why, of all the nerve!

She’s so excited about the prospect of eating that I’m really not sure we’ll be able to keep her from food for much longer.

Miriam’s getting much better at sitting up on her own. She can even hold her own on the potty. We still sit by her to make sure she doesn’t suddenly pitch backwards (or forwards, or sideways).


I get nervous about letting her sit up on her own since our floors are hard but she’s getting stronger and gaining balance so I’m getting more confident meas well.

Miriam loves Rachel and always gets excited when she can watch Rachel play. However, she gets really nervous when Rachel gets too close. She half-smiles, half-grimaces and puts her hands out to shield her face. Sometimes she’ll even squint her eyes and blink several times while Rachel’s rushing towards her.


Then when (if) Rachel stops at a safe distance, she’ll break out into huge smiles for her. It’s quite funny to watch.


  1. she is so smart...just like her mum

  2. I think this baby has a very Heiss-ish look about her. Just testing to see if the Java script is working...

  3. And it works. Thanks to your dad for the fix.

  4. She is getting so big! I don't blame you, I always tried to hold out till the 6 month mark. But a little carrot to suck on, if it makes the dinner table more pleasant...why not! She's not really eating just tasting!!