Friday, April 23, 2010

Some days we have it all together


Other days not so much…


Actually, these pictures were both taken yesterday. One was taken in the chaos that was before the choir concert and one was taken just before going out the door on our way to the choir concert.

Yesterday for me comprised of:

  • teaching yoga
  • visiting teaching
  • power napping
  • cookie baking
  • mothering
  • program folding
  • showering
  • bathing children
  • laundry
  • other stuff that I can’t remember

Yesterday for Andrew comprised of:

  • printing programs
  • fighting bureaucracy
  • obtaining Miriam’s birth certificate
  • finding plug converters
  • web development
  • homework
  • washing dishes
  • showering
  • other stuff that I can’t remember

Then we all went to the choir concert—early—to test microphones and make sure everything was in order. For dinner I brought some chopped up cucumbers hoping that the post-concert cookies would provide our carbohydrates.  Somehow we didn’t leave enough time to eat a decent meal.

The choir concert went well. It was a non-denominational concert held at our church building, celebrating the family, and included about five different groups from around Maadi. And it was a huge headache to put together, but it was worth it, I guess.  The primary children sang Popcorn Popping and Families Can Be Together Forever (but only the first verse). Rachel almost sang with them but chickened out at the last minute. Instead she sang from the audience, while sitting on Nacia’s lap.

She had gotten hurt during their rehearsal and Amiee brought her out to me, suggesting aloud that, perhaps, she would want me to comfort her.

“No,” Rachel sniffed, “I just want Nacia.”

So, there you go. I’m like second choice or something.

The adult choir sang Love at Home and Come, Come Ye Saints. We also sang Praise the Lord by Natalie Sleeth and completely botched the ending. It was…not cool. Personally, it was only the third time I had ever sung it through since I joined the choir on Tuesday evening during their rehearsal since I happened to be there. I knew the other two songs because…well, they’re hymns. I knew this song, too, for some reason. I think Josie may have sung it in choir, which doesn’t mean that I knew it, but that I recognized it so it was easy to learn.

I suppose it was a good thing that the majority of the audience and performers had no sense of concert etiquette and left before our choir, the last group, performed. That way hardly anyone was left to hear us mess up.

Still, it was fun.

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