Monday, April 12, 2010

There’s a storm coming

Taxes and thesis due on April 15!?

It’s the perfect storm.

I feel more stressed out right now than I did right before Miriam was born, probably. I can’t even imagine how Andrew feels since, you know, it’s his thesis that’s due…not mine.

Luckily, after Andrew spent an hour and a half on the phone with the IRS, we have our taxes basically figured out. In addition, we asked for an extension so won’t actually be filing our taxes until later this year after we get a social security number for Miriam so that she counts as a child.

Speaking of Miriam, we still have to get another birth certificate (third for her) and an entrance stamp in her passport. Part of me wants to keep telling myself that we have plenty of time to do this. The other part of me is screaming “SIXTY-EIGHT DAYS!” That same part of me is screaming “CURSE YOU, BUREAUCRACY!”

It’s not unlikely that, due to bureaucracy, it will take the whole sixty-eight days to get the stupid stamp in her passport. We hope not but we’re not holding our breath, either.

Besides that we still have to worry about what the future holds. Currently all it holds is a very, very blank slate.

At least that’s all that we can see.

But something will work out eventually, I’m sure.

In another flurry of events, Auntie Sarah got engaged to Cory on Friday, Uncle Jacob got his mission call (Lima, Peru) on Wednesday, Grandpa got put in as bishop in a BYU single’s ward last Sunday, and Auntie Em leaves for Nauvoo for her summer-long service mission in less than four weeks.

So good stress and bad stress. I’ll leave off with a statement from Andrew, “I’m so stressed my whole body hurts.”

Me, too. Me, too. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: April 15th is only three sleeps away! Then we can relax (a bit).


  1. My favorite way of saying this is "My me hurts."

    Good luck!

  2. That's awesome, Amanda! :) I like it.'re coming so soon! Crazy!

  3. Hang in there! Time will pass no matter what and things will get done...somehow. Good luck!

  4. you should have the girls make a paper chain to count down. That could kill an afternoon!

    and my cousin is on his mission in lima right now! Perhaps Jacob will meet him! (elder Barnes is his name)

  5. Wish u all best of luck and hope the American officials in Cairo have adapted and can "open up their minds" and speed things up!

  6. Hooray for all the exciting events. And at this point you've probably passed one of the "sleeps" so really it's only 2 sleeps away now, right? right? I'm surprised they let Miriam in without a stamp in her passport. Just sayin'. :)