Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bedtime sillies

The girls were certainly on one before bedtime! It took us half an hour to read through five or six verses of scripture—I'm not even kidding. I'm sure my picture-taking falls in the category of encouraging the incorrigible but so often their silliness fell into the cuteness category (as opposed to the super-annoying category) and I couldn't help but run get the camera...a few times. 

In case you think I'm kidding (or don't want to sift through a dozen pictures of my children) just look at this picture:

What is that—Blue Steel?! Where in the world did she pick that up?

And now...for a million other pictures without a whole lot of captions because every caption would either say "Rachel being silly" or "Miriam being silly." They didn't leave me a lot of wiggle room. Let's just say they were planking and doing yoga and dancing and casting spells and being adorable. A lot of the pictures feature the teeter-totter Miriam got for Christmas. 

To finish up here's another one of my favourite shots from the evening:

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  1. Quote from last night at the Parks house:
    "If we get through scripture study tonight we deserve a medal."
    I think we took half an hour too - we only read 2 verses, quoted and article of faith and sung a song.

    In other words, I hear ya.