Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hermione Hair

Last night after the girls had their bath I braided their hair—Miriam got four braids and Rachel got five. In the morning after they had eaten breakfast we undid the braids and they were excited to both transform into Hermione for the day.

Rachel's wearing the dress Andrew brought back from Ghana for the girls to share (not a well thought-out plan, really) and it's way too short for her but she wore thick it all evened out. Andrew will have to pick one up in a bigger size when he goes to Ghana this spring so that each of the girls can have a dress from Ghana. The reason Rachel chose to wear it originally is because I put on my red flowered Maxi dress that I got in Egypt. Andrew calls it my pregnancy muumuu even though it works as a normal dress as well. 

So far no one has noticed my pregnancy at all—unless they've been told about it no one seems to be the least bit suspect. I'm starting to feel a little insulted by this because when I look down all I see is baby bump but no one has mentioned anything. In fact, Rachel told her teacher today that I'm going to have a baby and her teacher verified it with Andrew before congratulating me because she didn't want to offend me. 

Everyone must think I'm just putting on a spare tire.

Anyway...Rachel put on the dress that she feels matches my dress and then Miriam picked out a dress with flowers on it, too, so that she could match us. We looked like spring was bursting into the chapel.

When we first brushed out their braids the girls' hair was rather pouffy. Miriam's hair, though, was completely out of control wild, thus the two pig tails—they really helped tame it. Without the piggies it was sticking straight out the sides of her head!

When Grandma got home from church she asked Rachel if anyone had noticed her hair and Rachel said, "Oh, yes! Everyone was like, 'Who is this girl?' and I couldn't really handle that because I like people to know who I am!"

She doesn't quite understand sarcasm yet. 

Lots of people did comment on their hair though because it certainly was a lot more voluminous than it has been in the past!

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  1. Piper would instruct me on how to do her hair by telling me: "Make my hair into a pile of leaves" (a messy bun) or "I want rockstar hair today!" (crimped) Or "make my hair into a spiderweb." (an intricate pattern of ponytails and small hair elastics) The pile of leaves one is by far my favorite reference, we still use it sometimes to this day!