Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pizza night

On Friday night, Daddy proposed we make pizza for dinner. He mixed the dough and got all the toppings out. I shaped the dough in the pans and everyone helped put the toppings on—except for Rachel who was busy learning how to type on Andrew's computer (she can do home row at 2.7 WPM—be amazed).

Miriam was put in charge of cutting the olives in the egg slicer, a job she took very seriously. Usually Rachel slices the olives and Miriam puts them on the pizza so she was quite honoured to have gotten a promotion.

Unfortunately, her arms are so short that she could only put the olives in one place so either someone was going to get a whole lot of olives on their slice of pizza or a parental unit would have to rearrange the toppings. We chose the latter option, which Miriam wasn't exactly pleased about.

 But as my grandpa always said, "Life is hard and then you die."

We made Miriam tough out her disappointment.

And the olives were fairly evenly distributed.

And Miriam survived the whole thing!

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