Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tiding lahandingheum

Today Miriam came up to me and said, "Watch this, Mom!" Then she kneeled down on the floor and started clapping her hands and singing what at once sounded familiar and foreign. It took me a minute to realize why—it was because it was both familiar and foreign. She's singing a line from the Tari Saman I'm learning with my sister and mom.

I told Miriam it was very cute and then asked her if she'd do it again for the camera. She agreed to.

She sings, "Tiding lahandingheum!" twice. Then she says, "That is very cute!" before singing "Tiding lahandingheum" once more.

I have no idea what "Tiding lahandingheum" means but neither do the Indonesians in our group—it's in a dialect of Aceh, which is only spoken on the island of Aceh, which is where the Tari Saman comes from. I've been writing a post about Tari Saman but I'm not ready to post it yet. I want to wait until I have a video of our performance because I want it to be a surprise...because I know you're all so excited, right?

*crickets chirping*

Anyway, here is my baby girl performing a segment of a Tari Saman:

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