Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miriam's sick...the fun never ends here

All of our Saturdays in February have been incredibly busy—they wear us out because we're not used to it. We're booked solid from noon until bedtime, it seems, which is far too long to be booked solid for a four-year-old, a two-year-old, and their pregnant mother.

Last night Miriam woke up around midnight feeling sick. She just wanted to cuddle and was running a slight fever but couldn't really tell us where she was hurting.

"My head is hurt and my tummy is hurt and my back is hurt and my neck is hurt and..."

Perhaps, we thought, she had one of those full body aches brought on by the flu.

We hadn't gotten ready for bed yet because we'd just finished watching "True Grit" and so I suggested to Miriam that she cuddle with Andrew while I got ready for bed and then I'd cuddle her while Andrew got ready for bed and then we could all fall asleep together. It was a beautiful plan but it fell apart seconds after I started brushing my teeth.

Miriam's tummy was hurt.

"Hold me!" she begged Andrew, cuddling close into his chest.

And then...vomit.

I tell ya. I've had enough vomit for a while. It's been like once a week for months, it seems.

We had had hot dogs for dinner and ended up with a trail of partially digested hot dog from our bed to our bathroom. Andrew was covered in vomit so he and Miriam had a shower together. I scrubbed the carpet and started the laundry. I almost lost my stomach contents myself while I was picking the chunkies off the carpet. But I didn't. Go my team.

Miriam seemed to be feeling a bit better when she woke up this morning. She was running a low-grade fever and was a little grumpy but I decided I had better take her to BYU with me since today was the day she'd be meeting the girl who'll be sitting with my girls while I do the Tari Saman. Miriam can be a bit clingy and I just figured that leaving her in a dark auditorium with a complete stranger (even if it's only for five minutes) isn't exactly something that she'd be okay with. Leaving her in a dark auditorium with someone she's already met and who she thinks is fun is probably an idea she'd fly with. So she came to BYU with me and Rachel and had a great time.

Then we had to go up to Salt Lake for Grandpa Frank's birthday dinner. He shares a birthday with my brother, David, though they are several years apart. She chatted about life, the universe, and everything on the ride up. So when we got there she hadn't had a nap and was still running a low-grade fever and even though we were at a buffet the only thing she ate was pears and ice cream. While we were visiting and Grandpa Frank opened his presents, Miriam got increasingly hot and lethargic.

We took her temperature when we got home and it was up to 103.5 (under her arm)!

I hadn't realized she was feeling so awful. She kept saying she was cold and ate with her winter coat on but refused to sit on my lap because she was sitting in a "big girl high chair" and chatting up Uncle Rod.

The poor thing must have felt miserable though.

We gave her a bath and some medicine and that brought her fever down to 100.0, which is much better. Hopefully she sleeps well. And luckily Grandma and Grandpa have stake conference today so Grandma said that if she needs to she can elect to stay home with Miriam tomorrow since she doesn't have any responsibilities at stake conference and Andrew and I have organ playing and primary teaching to do.

She was so funny though—whatever illness this is, it has turned Miriam into a regular Chatty Kathy. She was up for an hour last night after she threw up just chatting about how she threw up on the carpet and "that's bad!"

"It's okay," I told her. "Sometimes you just have to throw up and it's hard to get to the toilet."

"Yeah," she said. "I can't get to the toilet sometimes. Can I talk to the baby?"

I told her she could so she started yelling down the front of my shirt (because she has no concept of where this baby (or the elusive "tummy") is).

"Hey, baby! You're my bestest baby in the world! And when you come out and if you get sick, it is not a problem! Because you can just shower with Daddy if you throws up. It is not a problem, okay baby?"

Then, after we took her temperature and used a flashlight to examine her mouth (because it felt "poky") we commended her for being so cooperative. Rachel is difficult to examine when she is sick or hurt. Miriam told us all about it.

"Yeah, because I just let you look into my mouth like AHHHH and when Rachie is hurt then she just goes mmmmmm and then not can you see in her mouth because is it closed and not is it opened. Rachie did get hurt on the side of her head and then she did hurt her mouth and she did cry but not did I cry. Rachie just broked my roof and then hit her mouth and not did she let you see into her mouth to see her owie but when I hurt in my mouth then I let you look inside like AHHHHH!"

Holy talkative.

She also informed us that the baby would be a girl and would be named Princess Sylvie and then proceeded to tell us all about Rapunzel and how she brushes and brushes and brushes her hair.

At one point Andrew was crying tears of mirth. But I can't remember why right now. It was super late. And the child just kept talking and talking and talking.

Oh. I just remembered.

It's because Andrew asked her what her nose was for. Her answer?

"Oh, just is my nose is for...boogers. Boogers stay inside my nose and then just I can take them out when I need to."

Anyway, hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. And hopefully she keeps talking because she says some rather hilarious things in all her ramblings.

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