Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sunday was a lovely day, for the most part. Teaching Sunbeams is always exhausting, but we expect that. This Sunday Rachel's teacher was sick and couldn't find a substitute so we taught Rachel's class as well—both classes are small so it wasn't overwhelming, especially since Andrew and I team teach.

After church Andrew went home teaching and I watched the girls. Then Miriam and I went down for a nap and Rachel started Prince of Egypt (that's a church movie, right?) and then Andrew went to choir and Grandma came home from her ward and then Miriam woke up and joined Rachel watching the movie. And then I woke up to the sound of Andrew making banana bread.

After dinner the girls got ready for bed and made some silly Harry Potter faces with Andrew. Andrew and the girls and his mom are slightly double jointed and can bend their fingers in really awkward ways. 

One of the girls—I can't remember which—invented these Harry Potter glasses—where they bend the first joint of their index finger backwards with their middle finger to create a circle and hold them up to their eyes. Pure talent. 

I think they kind of look like Luna's Spectrespecs, myself. 

Suddenly Miriam decided she didn't want to be Luna or Harry Potter. She wanted to be Hermione—so she put on her Hermione face (the alternate Hermione face is to put one finger to your lips in librarian shushing position). Rachel joined her.

We ended up with two Hermiones and a monocled Harry Potter. 

Little did I know this was the calm before the storm and this was the last look I'd get at Rachel's pristine face for a long time...

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