Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Benjamin at 2 months (-ish)

Sweet relief! Benjamin finally let me put him down! He's been such a terribly fussy boy lately—and I just realized that we took his prevacid away to see how he'd do without it. It's been a couple of dreadful, dreadful days so maybe we should put him back on it.... Heartburn's no fun for anyone.

In honour of his two-month due-date-aversary (or his 3.5 month mark, in actual age) I thought I'd take some pictures of him. Unfortunately our snazzy camera's battery was dead so I had to use the point-and-shoot camera instead. I'll have to do a better photo shoot later. I've been so stressed out that I don't feel I've given Benjamin the same attention my girls got as babies so I figured I should just take some pictures today so that we have some because "later" is a dangerous word. So I took lots pictures. And Benjamin kind of cooperated. And sometimes Miriam pushed the button for me because she's "a big girl now and big girls can feed their brothers from their tummies and take pictures with the camera." She was a little heartbroken when I told her that she couldn't nurse Benjamin (even though she's almost three (which is really big)). I couldn't say no to being allowed to use the camera.

Here's his serious face:

And his not-so-serious face:

And here he is spilling his awesome sauce:

He was a pretty serious guy today:

You might say he was contemplative (but, no—he was just thinking):

And a little dozy:

He's usually pretty serious. For me. 

All he ever wants from me is milk, milk, milk. Or to have me hold him and pace the floors. If he's going to smile at me it's usually at like 3 AM when I'm like, "That sweet face is fooling no one!"

But when Andrew walks into the room this boy lights up. He smiles and coos and gets all excited. 

He'll also chat up the ladies sitting behind us at church. 

That isn't to say that he never smiles at me—because he does (and will even do it on demand (like if I say, "Where's your little baby smile?" in a ridiculous voice))—but I think he gets bored of me because he much prefers to smile when someone new walks in the room. It's a little unfair.

Maybe I'm just bitter because tonight he treated me especially awful. He's really a sweet baby. Usually. It's just been the past couple of days...of torture...that have thrown my point of view. He'll sweeten up again, I'm sure. 

Here's Benjamin chillin' in the miniature armchair:

He's gotten a lot steadier (and bigger) over the past month:

Excuse these next three pictures. They're all so similar and yet I couldn't cull any of them out. He goes from completely bored to faintly interested to give-me-that. Miriam was standing beside me shaking what we've decided must be his favourite toy.

The toy, in case you're wondering, is a little yellow lion with a chime/bell inside it. It's quite pleasant to listen to, actually (unlike most rattles on the market) and it can fasten around his ankle or wrist (since he can't quite grab and shake things yet) so that he can shake it himself when he pumps his legs and arms.

He gets quite excited about it:

We're almost done with his two month pictures. Stay with me.

Here's his tongue:

And his general cuteness:

I think my very favourite picture is the one where he looks like he looks so peacefully sleepy (he wasn't). That might not be your favourite picture but if you had lived my life for the past few days it probably would be.

For comparison's sake, here's Rachel at around 2 months. I think Benjamin looks quite a bit like her, though Rachel seems a little more expressive (she's still very expressive).

And here's Miriam at 6 weeks, and at just over 2 months. I don't think Benjamin looks like her (at least not as much as I think he resembles Rachel as a baby).