Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bit by bit we're getting better

Welcome to the land of the living! We seem to have kicked this bug and are on the mend (and I didn't even ever throw up (famous last words, right?))! I'm no longer surrounded by zombies—I can tell because of the messes made today (toys and food were being pulled out left and right), the noise level (which increased by several decibels), and the overall lack of vomit I had to deal with.

Rachel stayed home from school just to make sure she was 100% well. I think she'll be going to school tomorrow. She read Harry Potters 1 & 2 today and started the third.

Miriam played with lego and coloured pictures for the majority of the day.

Benjamin got into everything and did some pretend play. He's watched Cars once (technically it was Cars 2) and he's already identified Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater from our collection of matchbox cars (which are technically all Rachel's). For some reason he also singled out Chick Hicks—perhaps because that's the only other car we have with eyes. They're all sitting on my desk right now.

He and Miriam played puppies today (a lovely game where they crawl around the house and pant at things (because our puppies don't bark (I didn't even come up with that but I can't tell you how much I love it))). He also put every baby doll in the house to bed in his bed and then went around the house shushing everyone. It was hilarious. He was running from room to room, putting his little finger to his pink lips, and hissing, "Shhhhhhh!" He repeated his shushing rounds several times.

We hung another load of laundry out to dry and swung on the swing set for a while. I took Miriam and Benjamin to the store where we bought gatorade and bananas and applesauce and oyster crackers and ginger ale. Oh, and several boxes of valentine cards 50% off. I always wonder what the cashier thinks when people come through the line with gatorade, bananas, apple sauce, and saltines. Probably something along the lines of "Don't breathe on me."

Benjamin and I took a 2.5 hour nap together (it was a rough night—he wanted to nurse all night and technically I'm trying to convince him that it's time to wean but he wouldn't drink anything yesterday except when he nursed and at the moment it seemed that becoming dehydrated was a bigger problem than worrying about whether he's going to nurse until he's seventeen). Miriam assembled and disassembled lego creation after lego creation (she loves following directions as well as creating her own) and Rachel read on the back deck. No one asked for a show to be put on once today (they must've gotten enough screen time in yesterday to last them for a year).

I was absolutely shocked to find that it was 5:00 when I woke up.

Andrew worked from home today (he sent emails out to his teachers and one of the teachers he TAs for wrote back and said, "Yes, please don't come to campus today!") so he clocked out and made dinner (chicken broth and noodle soup) while I tidied up and convinced Benjamin that waking up from his nap wasn't the worst thing that could possibly happen to him.

After dinner Andrew and I had temple recommend interviews at the church, which meant we had to bring our newly-recovered family out in public. Rachel wore her pyjamas, with her hair in a wild rat's nest, Harry Potter 3 stuck under her arm. Miriam wore the same outfit she wore yesterday, including the braids, which were by this time quite frizzy. Benjamin put on pants for possibly the first time for the day. He wore a pair of Miriam's pink socks (I don't know what it is with that boy and coveting Miriam's socks).

Andrew, who seemed to have the worst time recovering from this bug, showered (thank goodness!) and put on his Sunday clothes. I slipped out of my jeans and into a plain black skirt. I even brushed my hair.

We were a good looking crew!

Wednesdays is our ward's night with the building—there are four units in our building and we take turns using it for weekday activities (such as youth activities, cub scouts, basketball practice, and so forth)—so we got stopped a few times by friends checking in on us (at a safe distance), wanting to know if the Heiss family had recovered. I'm sure we probably looked a little worse for wear but we're certainly on the mend.

We're starting to play a little harder, to eat a little heartier and in time I trust we'll be in full heath again.

...Just in time for the next illness to roll around, I'm sure!

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