Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Found at last

We are the proud new owners of a lousy (beat up, well-read, terribly worn) copy of George Washington's Cows.

Rachel checked it out from her school library at the beginning of the school year—in August, I believe—and then suddenly it was gone. We searched the house over and over again. We checked to see if we'd turned it in at the public library. We rifled through books in her classroom. We emailed the school librarian about it. She was very lenient and didn't charge us for the book until November (I suppose that's lenient though it would have been nice if they had waited a while longer).

When I got the invoice in Rachel's take-home folder I admitted defeat and wrote out a check for $15 to replace the book. That was a hard check for me to write. I don't like losing library books.

Today I scheduled the church for the next Trading Tables and have been organizing a few things around the house that have been driving me crazy (like, for example, the piles of pictures half a foot high). I was reorganizing the puzzle drawer when—at the very bottom—I found the book.

At least it's a cute story, but I don't make a habit of spending $15 for books in poor condition (or even books in good condition). We get most of our books at Trading Tables, thank you very much.

Oh, and just now I thought Benjamin was in his room playing the piano and Miriam was in her room playing with the puzzles but, as it turns out, I had things backwards. So now I probably have to reorganize the puzzles...again.

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  1. I have also been the unwilling purchaser of a library book once. The girls checked out a Barbie Three Musketeers book and the neighbor girl came to play and dumped her entire glass of water over it....the library refused to take it back, even after I dried it out. Worst $10 ever spent, especially since the retail value of the book was like $4.99, but the value to me was $-3.38. Oh well.