Monday, February 24, 2014

Home Improvements

Last night Andrew and I talked and laughed before going to bed for the first time since Monday night last week, I think. So that was nice.

And I think everybody had breakfast this morning, even. We're making huge strides over here.

Benjamin's face is healing up nicely. He now looks like he has an awkward little mustache rather than some sort of sickening, bulbous beak in place of his lips.

His teeth survived the weekend without any hint of discolouration, so I think the roots are healthy still, though it's probably about time we got into the dentist for a professional cleaning (if he'll let them at it on Thursday). I've never had a child dislike brushing their teeth quite as much as this boy does. He likes the idea of owning a toothbrush just fine. He's simply not a fan of using his toothbrush for its intended purpose.

This shot shows his frenectomy wound healing quite well, in my (very unprofessional) opinion. I hope that little blip of skin on his lip doesn't reattach to his gums.

You can certainly tell he's kid #3 though.

Kid #1 gives herself a labial frenectomy at age four and I flip out, wonder if I should take her to ER, send pictures of her mouth to a dentist friend for reassurance, and cry about as much as she does.

Kid #3 gives himself a labial frenectomy at age one and I wince, wipe up some blood, pray his teeth will remain rooted, give him some ibuprofen, and move on.

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