Monday, February 03, 2014

Stand up!

Benjamin's method of standing up has caused more face-planting than he'd care to admit.

Sometimes he'll pop into that semi-handstand position several times before deciding to finally stand up. I'll admit that it's fun, but when your head's the size his is things can get a little unsteady.

He also has no idea how to lie down on his back and it's hilarious to watch him try. It's also something that I thought he'd have figured out by now, but I guess not. I mean, he usually sleeps on his back and he's been able to roll over in either direction basically since coming home from the hospital (so still two weeks before his due date). It's not like being on his back is foreign. It's not like he's never gotten onto his back on his own. But ask him to lie down on his back and he just can't figure it out.

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