Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Attempting Mary Poppins

My mom inspired us to give the "fancy" version of Mary Poppins a go. We used the white dress and hat from the dress up box and some ribbons we keep with the hair stuff. It definitely needs some work. I think we some white material in the attic that would help fancify things (and I think we have some red to make a better waist band as well). I'm not quite sure what to do for a parasol (put my feelers out for a broken umbrella, I suppose). I think we'll keep the green parrot head regardless of what we do because I don't really want to make another one!

This is Miriam's Mary Poppins face, in case you were wondering:


I caved and bought an umbrella on Amazon. It was $7. And it's "just an umbrella," which is something she's been asking for anyway. Another bonus is that perhaps she'll stop asking to play with my umbrella (which cost more than $7). Guess what Miriam will be getting for her birthday (hint: not a hand-sewn Mary Poppins coat)!

I'm not sure the parrot-head handle will fit, but perhaps we'll find some way to make it work...


  1. What if I send her a white tutu for her birthday? And maybe a lacy white blouse? (This helps me, too, because I suck at thinking of presents!)

    1. I still have that underskirt you made out of Kathy Loos's wedding veil—it's just in the attic and I can't get up there without Andrew. I need to put some new elastic in the waist, but I think it will fluff things out nicely. I'm not sure a blouse would fit over the dress (it has very puffy sleeves).

      I'm not very good at thinking up presents either. :)

    2. I'm sure she'd love either of those things, though. She still dresses up almost every day and can never be fancy enough!

  2. LOL @ "it's just an umbrella." Did the person expect it to ... ??

    Anyway, I love it! So pretty, and the costume is very cute. I love the Mary Poppins face!