Monday, September 01, 2014

You lose

"Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit," I said this morning.

"What?" Rachel asked.

"Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit," I repeated.

"What's rabbit, rabbit, rabbit?" Rachel asked, her face contorted with confusion.

So I more or less explained this, "But," I said, "In the Gillespie household it's kind of a game and the first person to say it on the first day of the month wins, so—haha—I got you!"

"Yeah, you did," Rachel said. "But I didn't know it. I guess you were just getting even for that time I got you."

On Saturday night when we were having dinner, Rachel excused herself to go to the bathroom. As she was walking back to the dinner table her eyes locked on mine.

"One," she challenged seriously.

"Two?" I guessed, not sure what she was doing but assuming she was doing something like the sandbox game.

"You lose," she shrugged.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You're supposed to say 'buzz.' You lose."

"What? What kind of a game is that?" I laughed.

"We play it at school all the time. We go around the classroom trying to count to 100 but we can't say any even numbers so we go one—buzz—three—buzz—five—buzz—six—bu...oh! See? I just lost. If someone messes up then we have to start all the way back at zero again."

"I see," I said. "This game probably would have been a lot more fun to play if I had known about it before we started playing."

So, you see, I did get her back at her, though Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbi is less of a cooperative game and more of an element-of-surprise/quickest-on-the-draw kind of game. 

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