Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bad Hair Days

This morning the girls got dressed and then came to me to have their hair done at exactly the same time and I almost burst out laughing.

Had Miriam waltzed out the door to church looking just the way she did when she bounded out of bed this morning I wouldn't have batted an eye. I mean, sure, her hair's not great (it's a little frizzy) but it's passable.

Rachel's hair, on the other hand, is a wild, tangled mop every single morning. It's not sticking up too much in this picture but there's a helmet-like rat's nest encasing her head. We spent a good twenty minutes teasing all those knots out!

That's what she gets for being our "ping-pong baby." When she was little she'd never be in the same place twice when we checked on her—first she'd be in this corner of her bed, then that corner, then down at the foot of her bed, then on the floor, then back in bed, then... So we jokingly started calling her ping-pong baby. We'd hear a bump in the night and would say, "It's probably just ping-pong baby." And usually it was just Rachel crashing into the wall or the headboard or the floor.

Now that she's bigger she can't move around quite as much but she still thrashes around in her sleep.

Miriam, on the other hand, can go to sleep and wake up in the very same spot. She fell out of bed a couple of times when we first moved her into her big girl bed (right after we moved here—when she wasn't quite three). Sometimes I still wonder if our sanity was in tact when we decided to put Rachel on the top bunk, but so far the railing seems to have done its job (of keeping Rachel in the bed) well enough.

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