Friday, March 13, 2015

Little things

"Me need change my pants and my underwear," Benjamin announced when he came inside for dinner last night. "But!" he explained, "But, me not pee my pants. Me just fall down in a puddy!"

And indeed he had. He was soaked with muddy water, which I'll take over pee any day.

We went on a mile-long walk this morning, going down a dead-end street we don't ordinarily walk down because I calculated it out and going down to the end of that street puts us at a half mile. The last time we went down that street was on the great sand-gathering expedition of 2014.

Miriam said, "Oh, I remember this street! It's a dead end! And I was so tired I had to ride home in the wheel barrow! I have such a good memory!"

We passed a perfectly normal-looking house and Benjamin said, "Ooh! That's Santa's house! Me found Santa's house! Me so happy!"

"Why do you think that's Santa's house?" I asked.

"Cuz," he said.

We kept on walking and turned around at the end of the street. On the way back Benjamin said, "This is Santa's house! Mom—look at the mailbox!"

On the mailbox was a blue and white candy cane made out of jingle bells, evidently forgotten when Christmas decorations were pulled down.

"See? It's Santa's house!" Benjamin insisted.

I'm not sure a leftover decoration means Santa lives there and I tried to explain that to Benjamin but he's fairly certain that remnant was The Sign he's been looking for.

Other than our pleasant walk, the children were anything but pleasant today. Bedtime was more than welcome this evening. For real.

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