Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Ramblings

Yesterday Andrew took Benjamin out shopping while I had a nap and the girls had quiet time. I'm not even sure how long I slept or how many books the girls read or how long the boys were gone. They were on a quest for chilis and couldn't find any at our usual stores. They also picked up some angel food cake and sugar-free angel food cake (which is still rather high in carbs) because we were having friends over for dinner. Benjamin was quite exhausted when they got home.

"Us got food at Costco," he told me.

"You did?" I asked. "Did you eat lunch there too?"

"No," he sighed. "Us cake...go nuzzy store...get more sood...go nuzzy store...get more sood...go nuzzy store..."

"You did a lot of shopping," I said.

"Yeah. My tummy is so dumpy! Me need 'unch!" he said.

So we gave him some lunch. At around 3:00. No big deal. And in our defense he got free samples at Costco so it's not like he was starving.

We had one of Andrew's colleagues and her husband over for dinner. We've been meaning to be more social with people in his program, but we're a little introverted and have a billion kids. Perhaps those are lame excuses but it's all we've got.

Our first year here (in November 2012) this same colleague picked Andrew up from our house so they could ride to the airport together. They were both going to a conference in Indianapolis and once there Andrew rented a car and dropped her off at her hotel before driving himself to stay with some old friends from Jordan (thanks, Crys!).

When she arrived at the door Miriam, then a newly-minted three-year-old, asked her a lot of questions.

"Did you bring any kids?" Miriam wanted to know.

"No..." Danielle said.

"Well, do you have any kids?"

"No..." Danielle said.

"Maybe you can come back when you have kids," Miriam suggested coolly.

She had no further interest in Danielle, which was fine because she had to be taking off for the airport. So, here we are 2.5 years later (wow, time flies and we're super antisocial or something) and we finally got around to having Danielle and her husband and their new baby over.

Danielle joked about making good on Miriam's suggestion—she has a kid, so she came back.

The kids did their part to acclimatize the new baby to a daycare environment by being loud and crazy while she was trying to eat. She wasn't too sure what to think about that! Miriam was nibbling on her toes and stroking her face and Benjamin was crawling all around. She was going crazy trying to keep her eyes on every movement they made. She got a little overwhelmed toward the end, but it was fun to have them over (thanks for coming)!

Oh, and Miriam's talk went well this morning. The microphone even worked, which was nice (because quite often it doesn't). She was so funny about getting dressed this morning though!

I mentioned a while back that we found matching dresses for the girls for Easter.

Miriam said to me, "Where is my new dress?"

"What new dress?" I asked.

"The one we just got. The black one with the funny cape in the back!"

(She means it has an asymmetrical hem.)

"That's for Easter Sunday," I told her.

"But I need it today!" she said.

"No, you don't," I said. "You have plenty of dresses to choose from!"

"Mom," she explained, "I'm giving a talk today! I need to look good!"

She ended up choosing the yellow dress Naanii gave her for Christmas. And looked good in it, of course.


  1. Thanks again for having us! I think our little lady would be lucky to have such a smart and fun group of siblings (toe nibbling and all) !!