Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last day on Beech Mountain (January 9)

Our last day was mostly spent packing up and driving home. Here's Benjamin posing in the bedroom closet:

The first night he tried to sleep in there (it's just long enough for him to stretch out in) but gave up and slept on the floor. He had many fun times in that closet, though. He found a hanger somewhere in the house and would use it to help close the door (he couldn't quite reach the handle when the door was all the way open but with hanger he could).

Andrew wasn't feeling well and Benjamin was so over putting winter clothes on (good thing he lives in North Carolina and doesn't have to wear snow gear too often) so they hung out in the van while I supervised the girls on the hill one last time.

The snow was a few days old by this time so the tracks were pretty slick so they put out mats at the end to help the kids slow down. Rachel's sled abandoned her for this picture, but you get the idea:

Rachel was just having a hard time staying on her sled this day, evidently:

And here's Miriam coming down while everyone else is heading up:

Zoë was pretty fussy on the way home. She was alright if she could hold onto my finger, but that was rather uncomfortable for me and anytime I stopped letting her hold my finger she'd start screaming. It was almost comical if it wasn't so not comical. We eventually stopped at a gas station so that I could feed her and give her some real cuddles. She was pretty happy about that.

I think part of the reason she was so grumpy was because she's teething (that and because we strapped her in her carseat—the nerve). Tooth #6 has been taking its sweet time erupting:

But, good news, it finally broke through today so hopefully we'll have a happier baby on our hands.

Andrew's been running a fever since Friday, which has been fun for him. He drove the whole way home, though, before crashing. He's pretty sure he has the flu so it's been a miserable week for him, but today he was finally fever-free so he's on the mend. It will be nice to have him back!

School started up again on Monday. We haven't been brave enough to try to get up early enough to catch the bus yet—the girls stayed up late and slept in every morning they could this break—but I'm sure we'll be starting that soon enough.

Andrew stayed home from church on Sunday (you're welcome everyone) so I took the kids by myself, which was mostly fine. I mean, it's only sacrament meeting that's harder when you're on your own. The other hours are just the same, right? On the way home Benjamin said, "Do we have to go home to Dad?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Can't we just drive back to the cabin and live there?" he asked.

Clearly Benjamin had a blast at the cabin—he's been asking nearly every day to go back. The other kids enjoyed the vacation as well.

The first night we were there I was helping the kids get ready for bed and as I was brushing Benjamin's teeth, Rachel sneaked up behind me and gave me a hug. "This was the best day ever," she said.

It really was a lot of fun, but as I explained to Benjamin time and time again, it's only fun because it's a break from the ordinary. We need to get back to our daily grind so that vacations are needed.

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  1. Awww, glad the kids had such a good time. So glad to hear Andrew is better!