Monday, January 25, 2016

The things they say

I don't remember if I ever wrote this down, but one day Rachel was playing with Zoë when she noticed her soft spot pulsating. "Ew!" she said with disgust. "You can actually see her brain thinking!"

And also because it's cute (and I don't feel like I've been writing much (or well) lately—but with Andrew being sick and then Zoë, Benjamin, and I coming down with a cold, I seem to have run out of time for much of anything lately)...

Andrew was divvying up jobs the other day and he told Miriam to go and clean her room, which wasn't fair because she shares that room with Benjamin.

"Well, is Benjamin going to help me?" she wanted to know.

"No, that's your mess," Andrew explained. "He didn't play with the pet shops."

"Well he wanted to," Miriam sassed.

"Yes, but you wouldn't let him," Andrew pointed out.

Miriam threw her hands up in the air all dramatically and pouted, "So?!"

Why we even try to reason with these people some days is beyond me. She ended up grudgingly cleaning her room while Benjamin tidied the living room. All was equitable and no one was happy about it. That's parenting done right.

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