Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow play

So, um, BINGO!

They've cancelled church tomorrow and that's the last one I needed to get a BINGO. That game was much shorter lived than I imagined it would be. We've been having a lot of fun in the snow and it chances are we'll be getting another storm or two (or more) so perhaps I'll go for a whiteout (I'd call it a blackout but it's I don't really want to use up all our snow days though.

The kids spent the entire day out in the snow today. They went out in the morning and came in for lunch around 1:00, informing us that they were just coming in to eat before heading back outside (which was fine with us). Rachel said the prayer for lunch and said, "and please help us remember to go back outside after lunch." As if they'd forget.

(What we forgot was the playdate at Sadie's house...oops).

We went for a walk to the park this afternoon. Andrew and Rachel rode their bikes. And I will not write very much more because I have a screaming baby on my lap...

Zoë was brave enough to take on the icy roads in her car.

We had the park all to ourselves and had a glorious snowball fight.

Andrew tripped and fell down, so the kids all ganged up on him.

My ear warmers went missing so I crocheted a new pair* a couple of nights ago. *It is pair, right? Even though it's just one thing?

Here's Andrew showing Rachel the "proper" way to run in the snow:

Jumping into the snow was Benjamin's favourite part:

We stopped to play in the trees and make snow angels:

Here's little Mona Lisa, Zoë, condescendingly approving of our winter activities:

Here's Zoë trying to drive without hands:

She was so exhausted from all that playing; she fell asleep before we made it to the front door:


  1. I was wondering if you would get bingo this weekend!

  2. Zoe is more brave then her mom. I can't imagine you driving in the snow :)

    1. I've done it a couple of times. :) Luckily I don't have to do it often!