Friday, January 22, 2016


Zoë was a little too rough with the toy box. She was reaching for a toy (and holding onto the toy box, obviously) when she lost her balance (and didn't let go of the toy box) and pulled the whole box on top of herself. Poor thing!

Of course I took a picture before rescuing her.

For reference, here's a picture of where it usually sits, on top of a box of LEGO:

We might have to rearrange things somehow...

She falls over all the time. The kids had her in Benjamin and Miriam's room where they were playing some sort of game. Zoë started screaming and Rachel carried her out.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I dunno," Rachel said. "She just fell down."

Later, when Andrew was home, Rachel mentioned something about how Zoë fell off the bed.

"She fell off the bed?!" I asked. "When?"

"When I brought her to you because she was crying," Rachel said.

"But you didn't tell me she fell off the bed!" I said.

"I told you she fell," Rachel said.

"Yes, but you said you didn't know what happened. I thought she just fell over not that she fell off the bed."

We had a little talk about disclosing relevant information—babies who fall off beds need to be checked over more thoroughly than babies who topple sideways while sitting down—and in the future any use of passive voice will come with a heavy dose of scrutiny. 

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