Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Zoë and I spent an impressive twelve hours sleeping last night. That twelve hours was punctuated by a nursing session every couple of hours, but we spent the bulk of that twelve hours sleeping. Zoë didn't wake up screaming...and stay up screaming for hours on end. It was lovely.

We've spent several consecutive days screaming until all hours of the night. Two o'clock. Three o'clock. Four o'clock.

We've done teething gel.

We've sucked on ice cubes.

We chewed everything in sight.

Nothing really seems to help for long.

She's got four teeth trying to come through simultaneously. On the one hand, at least we'll get four out of the way at once. On the other hand, that's four times the pain, four times the screaming, all at once.

And from the looks of that picture she'll likely be the next child up for an accidental frenectomy later on (just because that's something my children tend to do around age two or three).

I'm pretty sure you all like looking at pictures of the insides of my children's mouths, right? Because that seems to be all I post lately...

Already Zoë has woken up screaming a couple of times tonight, so I doubt we'll have as easy a night as we did last night. But last night I gave up going to bed after all the children, wished Andrew luck, and went to bed before everybody (but with Zoë). I can't do that every night, unfortunately.

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  1. None of my kids ever got a single tooth before a year and I also never remember a single complaint when teething. They'd often run a fever but that was it. I always wondered what about teething later made it easier.