Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Alexander at 12 months

Although I managed to get all the other kids in for their well-child checks at the beginning of this month, Alexander's appointment isn't until next week so I don't have official stats for him yet, though my guess is that he is about 22 lbs. He's catching up to Zoë at an alarming rate.

At one year, Alexander...

  • shows zero interest in standing on his own or walking
  • still climbs up everything he can
  • is cutting his 8th tooth (though it's not quite here yet)
  • loves looking at pictures of his cousins in the hallway
  • sleeps rather okayly 
  • can't figure out why we keep putting shoes on his feet (hint: it's cold outside)
  • loves animals of every kind
  • definitely explores the world with his mouth
  • loves to touch other people
  • does not love other people touching him
  • mimics everything
  • knows to turn around and go backwards off of ledges
  • babbles with m/n/d/g/b/f
  • recognizes people's names and will look for them when they're mentioned
  • gets really excited when the kids come home from school
  • thinks putting toys/books/whatever down the front of my shirt is hilarious
  • eats everything in sight
  • only wants up when he's down and only wants down when he's up
  • really hasn't changed that much from the list I made when he was 11 months old (he still likes cars and being outside and helping turn off lights and so forth)
His breathing is usually perfectly normal, unless he gets overly excited (laughing too much or otherwise overexerting himself (crawling too fast)) or is sleeping and then his breathing can still get pretty crazy-sounding. 

Here he is, asleep in his carseat, after our trip to Jaker's (we carpooled with a friend, which is why he got carried into the house asleep in his carseat; he doesn't usually nap in there (and I'm definitely not in the habit of lugging that gigantic carseat around)). I should also mention that there's a little echo of his stridor (I think the video starts with the echo and then Alexander breathes in making his honking noise and then you hear the echo again). That's just Zoë mimicking his breathing while eating her lunch:

He also breathes like that when he's asleep in bed, all swaddled up like he still likes to be:

So he's much better than he used to be but is still a funny little honker!

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