Monday, October 08, 2018

Ukuleles ltd.

I am finally starting up our little ukulele group again, slowly. Today it was just me and the kids but hopefully we'll find others to join us in the coming weeks. It was nice (and chaotic) getting them all settled in with their ukuleles after our long summer hiatus. 

Alexander was jealous that everyone else had a ukulele so he went and got a hairbrush from the bathroom to strum on (which was hilarious and adorable). It's definitely monkey-see-monkey-do with this little guy!

Soon he got tired of me giving all my attention to instruments and older children and so he started fussing for me to hold him. When I finally gave in to his demands he snuggled into my arms with a smug hint of a smile that said, "I totally just got my way."

He's very good at getting his way, this one. 

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