Sunday, October 14, 2018

Zoë and the Delectable Cupcakes

The children always want to help me decorate birthday cakes, which is great...but also not great. I love that they want to help and I want to cultivate their skills, but at the same time...I have a vision, children! Too many decorators spoils the cake.

Today while the older kids were out with Naanii and Bumpa (to see Jane and Emma and to have lunch at Wendy's (and running into Uncle Jacob, Aunt Shayla, and Carter there)), I let Zoë decorate some cupcakes that I'd baked with some leftover batter. She had so much fun and got all of her cake-decorating jealousy out of her system, leaving me in peace to work on Alexander's cake alone.

Here are a few pictures of Zoë having a blast making her "delectable" cup cakes:

There's a Fancy Nancy book called Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes and Zoë adores that book (adore is fancy for really liking something). She now loves using the word delectable.

She also discovered that she can talk through her smile, so she said, "Cheese! Cupcakes! Look at me, Mom! I can talk while I am smiling! Take some more pictures of me doing this! Cheese! Cupcakes! I'm still smiling!" It was pretty funny.

She decorated a lovely tray of nine cupcakes for Alexander's party tomorrow (and then she decorated one cupcake for herself):

Alexander looks pretty excited about those cupcakes:

Doesn't he?

Clearly he was whiling away time with a few snacks while Zoë and I worked on the cupcakes.

Here she is with her own personal cupcake (which she mostly just licked the icing off and left the cake behind for her sisters to find and consume):

She's a sweet little cupcake decorator and her cupcakes look divine!

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