Sunday, April 28, 2019

Alexander at 18 months (part II)

We're slowly checking off our "final things" in Utah and Friday was another one: Alexander's last well-child check. I made a mental note to ask for his updated immunization record so that I could have it handy when we find a new doctor in Georgia. I forgot the development questionnaire on my desk. But one can't be expect to remember everything, right? So we went over those questions orally at the doctor's office instead.

Things like, "When your child wants something, does he tell you by pointing to it?" Yes.

"When you ask [him] to, does your child go into another room to find a familiar toy our object?" Yes.

"Does your child imitate a two-word sentence?" No.

And, frankly, if he's like Zoë he very well may never directly imitate speech. When we first moved out here, cousin Riley was such a little parrot and would repeat anything you asked him to, but if you asked Zoë to repeat something she would give an icy stare and say, "No."

And then she'd say whatever was on her mind.

I don't think (fingers crossed) that Alexander is quite as stubborn.

He will parrot anything Benjamin says, for example, but only single words so far. He will also repeat anything that sounds remotely exciting. For example, we went for a drive today and the kids saw cows out their window and Alexander was chanting "Cow! Cow! Cow!" right along with them because, as we all know, seeing cows out your window is one of the top ten exciting things on a car ride.

Of course, Alexander has a bit of a "fronting" issue (which we're absolutely not worried about at this point since he's only 18 months old), so he was yelling, "Tow! Tow! Tow!" as he pointed out his window.

Anyway, we went to the doctor and Alexander is doing just fine. He's 31 inches tall and is 22 lbs 13.5 oz., so about in the 25th percentile for both weight and height, stalling a bit on his weight (which the doctor said is normal at this age since eating becomes boring and kids become much more active).

That explains why "play" is one of Alexander's words. He loves to play.

The doctor wanted to check Alexander's grip/problem solving (or something) so offered him tongue depressors again. Alexander took one and the doctor offered him another one, but Alexander shook his head no.

"You can take it. It's for you," the doctor urged.

Alexander reached out and took the stick, then handed it to Zoë.

"Oh. He gave it away!" the doctor said. "Let's try again."

He held out another stick, which Alexander reluctantly took and then again handed off to Zoë (who was thrilled to now have two sticks).

"Well, he's not greedy!" the doctor said. "He seems to enjoy sharing. That's nice."

Later Zoë started sniffling so I asked her if she needed a tissue. Alexander sat up ramrod straight and scanned the room intensely a couple of times, almost buzzing on my lap, before he excitedly pointed to the tissue box like a well-trained hunting dog.

"Dere!" he said.

Later the doctor got to witness Alexander give Zoë an unsolicited hug.

"You're one lucky mom," the doctor said. "He's got to be one of the most good-natured toddlers I've ever encountered."

And he really is the sweetest little thing.

Sure, he's ultra-clingy, gets into mischief upon occasion, has been known to throw mild temper tantrums, is the messiest eater in the universe, and has only slept through the night, like, twice. But he's such a sweet little boy, so full of love, easy to laugh, gentle and kind. We're so glad he's ours!

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