Sunday, April 14, 2019

Alexander at 18 months

While Andrew was teaching Elder's Quorum and I was teaching Relief Society this morning, Alexander had his first day of nursery! Good thing we had Grandpa on hand to go with him, otherwise I don't know what we would have done. Grandpa said he did very well—he loved the bubbles, enjoyed playing with the toys, and was thrilled someone was giving him snacks. Next week Grandpa will try to step out (we'll see how that goes—ha!). 

"This is my life."
It's hard to believe that Alexander is already 18 months old already!

About a week ago I started training him to sleep without being 100% swaddled. It was a rough couple of nights but he's fairly used to it now and so our nights are back to being regular-bad and not super-duper-awful bad. I still zip him into his little sleep sac every night and he's learned to just keep his arms tucked inside for comfort. Sometimes when I go in to help him in the middle of the night, he'll be standing in his crib with his arms out, but when he sees me come in, he quickly pulls them back inside. Honestly, I think he'd still enjoy being swaddled but...let's be honest...18 months is a long time to be swaddled.

He's experimenting with talking more and more and rather enjoys parroting Benjamin, which means he's said some very odd things. Graveyard, for example, is a word he repeated after Benjamin yelled it in the van (as we drove past a graveyard). Cheeseball is another weird word he's said (always a good first word), though perhaps not too weird because he already says both cheese and ball. He said "table" the other day, though we haven't gotten him to say it since.

Today during sacrament meeting he said "Jesus" and was so excited for the bread to come that he kept raising his little hand (pointer finger extended) and saying, "Me! Me! Me!" just so the deacons wouldn't forget to bring us the sacrament tray. He said "wa-wa" when it was time for the water.

He's gets pretty anxious about taking turns and always wants to make sure he gets his fair share of everything.

A lot of what he says is still first-sound abbreviations of words. Like, he asked for a wa-bah the other day (which was water bottle (and, I suppose, is more intuitive than Benjamin's "augie-botty" or Zoë's "lalo")). Benjamin is "Bah." Grandpa is "Bah" or sometimes "Bahmba." Daddy is sometimes actually "Daddy," which is a step up from "Da!" I'm still "Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!"

He says "more" and "cheese" and "snack" (mo, chs, na, respectively).

He loves dancing, going outside, seeing dogs, and is starting to get into story time (he's been more of a disrupter of story time lately, so I'm happy he's finally learning to snuggle in and listen).

He loves to give hugs and kisses. Whenever Zoë or Benjamin cry he rushes in to give them a hug and he likes to shower me with kisses while he nurses to sleep, so he'll nurse, nurse, nurse, and then pop off and ask for a kiss, and then will nurse some more, and then will want another kiss. It's both annoying and sweet.

He doesn't like to have messy hands and often comes to me after making a mess of himself and will beg for me to wash him off. Today he was upset because his hands turned green while colouring with sidewalk chalk. A couple of days ago he painted with Zoë and got his hands all messy. You'd think that because it bothers him so much he would try to stay nice and clean, but no. He's an exceptional mess-maker.

And...he's already woken up for the first time this evening and is pitching a royal fit so I'd better to help him settle down again.

Whenever he figures out how to sleep for consecutive hours we'll throw a party.

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  1. Obsessed with his fair turn 😂 Maybe it is because Sam is five years younger but he's obsessed with getting all the turns. The idea that someone else should get one would be news to him 😂