Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Good Berry, and other bunny tales

Zoë's Sunbeams teachers told her that Easter was next Sunday, which she passed along to us at the dinner table. "Easter is next week and I'm so excited!" she squealed, squirming in her seat, and bouncing her hands in the air for emphasis. 

We went to story time at the library on Monday and it was all about bunnies, which I thought Zoë would love—and indeed she seemed to have had a wonderful time! We read bunny stories, we learned a bunny poem, we did some bunny dances, and wrapped everything up by making a little bunny craft—a cute bunny-ear headband!

She happily wore it all around the library as we checked out books and visited the play room and took a turn at the iPad station. She kept it on her head all the way home and into the house. 

And then she said, "Why did we learn about bunnies today? It's not Easter yet. Easter is next week!"

"Oh, just to get you excited about Easter, I suppose," I said casually because I thought we were having a casual conversation but apparently we were not. Apparently this was more of an existential matter because the next thing I knew, Zoë had ripped off her bunny-ear headband and had thrown it to the ground.

"Well, I was already excited about Easter before any of this stuff happened!" she screamed, stomping on her headband. "Why did she do this to me?!! I don't need bunny ears to tell me I'm excited about Easter!"

Talk about evil librarians! What was our sweet story time lady even thinking?!
Our story time librarian mentioned that next week she'd be centering story time around eggs. I wonder if Zoë will think that's appropriate since Easter will already be over by then.


I picked up Zoë's discarded bunny ears and put them on the counter while I got her lunch. 

Grandpa walked into the kitchen, picked up her bunny ears, and put them on his head.

"Oooh, look at my bunny ears!" he sang. 

"Those are my bunny ears!" Zoë growled.

"I thought you didn't need them," Grandpa chuckled, putting them back on the counter.

"I don't need them," Zoë explained, somewhat calmer. "But they're still mine."

She is quite the capricious soul. And rather self-assured, too!

Her Sunbeams teacher texted me a few weeks ago with a story from their class. 

"Can anyone answer this question?" the teacher said. 

Zoë's hand shot up in the air and she waved it around, saying, "I can! I can!"

"I haven't asked the question yet," the teacher said.

"That's okay!" Zoë said, smiling sweetly. "I know I can answer it!"

And she was right! The question was if anyone knew what season it was. Zoë answered that it was spring. Further, she told the class that spring is "when all the bugs come out," but that they were not to worry because "not all bugs bite you!"


One of Zoë's favourite songs currently (and one that we sang at story time!) is Little Bunny Foo Foo, but Zoë insists on singing Little Bunny Fifi (because Fifi is a much better name than Foo Foo). Also, Little Bunny Fifi walks through the forest to scoop up forest mice (because what on earth would a field mouse be doing in a forest?! That's just too silly). Also, it's a "good berry" that comes down to warn Little Bunny Fifi about her personality flaws (because everyone knows that fairies aren't real). 

I'm glad I have such a knowledgable three-year-old around to help sort out song lyrics and to keep my calendar straight!

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