Saturday, December 21, 2019

Four days prior to Christmas, Mommy fell down the stairs...

It's been a good 25 years since I last did this, so it's not like my track record is entirely tarnished, but I just fell down the stairs carrying a baby. Last time it was my little sister Josie. This time it was Alexander. Both times the baby was just fine at the end of it all.

Last time I remember that I got hurt quite a bit, but mostly I remember being scared and then relieved that Josie (who was really still quite tiny) was alright.

This time I have rug burn covering an embarrassing percentage of my body and my bottom feels (and looks) like it's been paddled by a particularly stern (and rather old-fashioned—because this sort of beating would clearly be banned in this day and age) school teacher.

Before we'd even finished falling my sweet baby boy was asking, "Are oo otay, Mommy?"

And then while I was crying and trying to clean up both my elbows (or elbow-to-wrist as the case is on my left arm) he was patting me and giving me all sorts of advice: "Maybe you need another band-aid, Mommy. Do you feel better now? It's okay. Are you okay? It's okay. Do you need more and more bandaids?"

He's a sweet boy.

(For the record, Andrew was at the newest Star Wars movie with the older kids during this time so he gets a pass for not hobbling over to me on his still-painful knee. Is this what getting older looks like?)

Soon after I fell the little boy down the street came to see if the kids could play. Zoë answered the door and told him that Benjamin wasn't home but that she would gladly play with him until Benjamin arrived. Our little neighbour had been unavailable to play the last couple of times the kids ran up there to see if he was around and today he explained that he'd been out with pink eye.

"What's that?" Zoë asked.

"Oh, you know what it is," he told her.

"I do not!" she said.

"Fine," he said. "It's a strange disease where your eye gets all pink and gooey and you can get other people sick just by looking at them! That's why I couldn't play before. But I can't get anyone sick anymore so I can play again!"

"My mom fell down the stairs," Zoë offered.

Now, you should know that this little boy slipped on our stairs a while ago—before he got pink eye—and he was so sad he decided he should probably go home. Andrew caught him on his way out and asked him what the matter was. "You need stickier carpet!" he informed Andrew before he stormed out the door. So we've been joking about that ever since.

Anyway, upon hearing that I had fallen down the stairs this little boy crossed his arms in front of his chest and said smugly, "I told your Dad to get stickier carpet."

Like, seriously! We could have prevented this entire thing if we had just listened to the neighbour boy! The nerve of us not installing new carpet!

For the record, he slipped on the basement stairs while I slipped on the main stairs and they have different carpet, so...I'm not sure that carpet stickiness has much to do with it. Blame the user, not the machine. Or something like that.

On an unrelated note, I really need to introduce my kids to Nuncrackers:


  1. It is not funny that you fell down the stairs, but please excuse me for laughing because you told the story in a very funny way!

  2. I'm so sorry you fell! Hope your wounds heal soon. LOL about the boy and the "stickier carpet." :)

  3. " (and rather old-fashioned—because this sort of beating would clearly be banned in this day and age) school teacher." You do know that Georgia has NOT banned paddling, right? Glad you are homeschooling!

  4. Don't know why that formatted so poorly