Saturday, December 21, 2019

He sees you when you're sleeping...

My sweet sister Kelli phoned yesterday afternoon to let me know there was another package on the way to our front door (she already sent everyone Christmas presents!) but that this was one to open before Christmas. It was a game that she saw and thought Zoë would like it, since Zoë is so very excited for Santa to come. It's kind of a Candyland game, but with Santa Claus delivering presents.

I've never played Candyland and, frankly, haven't heard good reviews of it, but this game seemed sweet and fun and tolerable to play with toddlers. Alexander picked up the rules pretty quick and could hardly wait for his turn to say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!' or sing a Christmas song or twirl like a snowflake or leave a gift under the Christmas tree.

Anyway, she sent it with a note from Santa that read, "Dear Heiss Children, I know when you are sleeping and can see when you're awake. Remember: I'm always watching you. Love, Santa."

When Allen saw that note come through (they share an Amazon account) he said, "You've got to call your sister and let her know that package is from you. That note's a little...stalker-y."

So she phoned to tell me that a package was coming with a slightly troublesome note (had I not know the origin of the note). It's a little jab at Zoë for getting so mixed up about Santa Claus is Coming to Town

And it's a good thing she let me know about it, too, because remember that one time my other sister (well, one of my other sisters) Josie anonymously sent me a book called I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You? That was an intense afternoon.

Anyway, Kelli was right—the kids loved the game and were excited to get to open a present early! She's always thinking of us and sending us little reminders that she loves us (for example, she sent Zoë a bell for her bike after she got hit by a car this summer (and sent bells for each of the children for good measure)). She's a wonderful person to know and love. I'm so glad she's my sister!

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