Wednesday, December 11, 2019

You'd better watch out...

I'm not sure if Zoë how been less able to keep her hands off Alexander lately or if he's simply gotten pickier about when she gets to touch him, but these two have been squabbling constantly lately and usually it has something to do with Zoë carrying Alexander around or Zoë stuffing her hand down Alexander's shirt to feel his soft baby skin or Zoë sitting on Alexander so he can't get into her toys or...Zoë touching Alexander in some way or another.

I don't blame him for not liking all this attention (that he's been battling since his birth). She just loves him so much that she can't help touch him. That or she's aggressively attacking him.

There is no middle ground.

A new phrase he's picked up on, and which he shouts regularly, is, "I'M IN CHARGE OF MY BODY, BO-BO!"

Because that's what I say when she's invading his personal space: "I know his skin is soft, but Alexander doesn't want you to touch him right now. Do you hear how he's squawking at you? That means he doesn't want you to do that. Alexander is in charge of his body and you need to listen to him."

She doesn't often listen to him, unfortunately, and yesterday when I found her sitting on him (after following the sounds of his muffled cries) I began chastising her once again.

"Zoë!" I said. "Get off of your brother!"

"But I don't want him in my room!" she said.

"Well, he can't get out of your room when you're sitting on him," I pointed out. "You need to use your words to communicate with him, not your body."

"Fine," she said, rolling off of him. "Alexander, get out!" she then said, giving him a little push to emphasize "out."

Does she really think I don't see these things? I am right here.

"Zoë, you've got to start being nicer to your brother. Santa's not going to be very happy when he sees how unkindly you've been beha..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Zoë interrupted. "You mean he can see us when we're awake, too!?"


"Then I'd better start being good!" she said with a note of panic in her voice. "The song only says he sees you when you're sleeping and he knows when you're awake. What a tricky song! Why didn't they just also say that he knows when you are sleeping and that he sees when you're awake so that we can know that, too?! I'm so behind on being good!!"

And that explains it. She thought Santa had been watching her only when she was asleep—silly Santa! She's as good as gold then. Getting presents in her stocking would be a breeze!

And then once he knew she was awake he'd stop watching and she could do whatever she wanted with no consequence!

I'm glad I could clear that up for her.

Now, perhaps, she can start being good for goodness' sake (and if not for that then at least for not getting coal in her stocking)!

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  1. I saw a cartoon yesterday (which I cannot find today) that showed Santa looking out at the polluted world and saying something to Mrs. Santa about he shouldn't have left coal in so many stockings. Something like that! So here is hoping he doesn't have to leave coal for Miss Z!