Friday, December 20, 2019

Rachel's winter orchestra concert

Rachel had her winter orchestra concert...last week! In all the chaos of the weeks before Christmas I somehow neglected to write about it, but it was a very enjoyable concert and we were happy to be able to support her there.

The video is a little shaky because I had Alexander on my lap (but I'm happy to report that he's not the shrieking baby you hear (at least not in this particular video)):

Now, the baby you hear chatting at the beginning of this video is Alexander. He's not so bad though because I think you can hear the group behind us chatting throughout this piece (and the entire concert (they were so rude*)). Anyway, this is a lovely Hanukkah medley:

This last song was Rachel's least favourite song because her part was so boring (and violas often have less exciting parts anyway, but no one has written "Viola-ntly Christmas"). It was cute, though (and you can hear Alexander trying to sing along at the beginning):

Benjamin's favourite song by far (which I didn't film much of but he may have gotten a clip of it) was the "Boomwhacker Christmas." They had teachers come out with hard hats and the kids played the boomwhackers on their heads. The kids in the audience (and the audience at large) thought it was hilarious (and sometimes it was). The orchestra even made a ginormous prop boomwhacker that one kid pulled out and threatened to hit one of the teachers with (but the conductor turned around "just in time" to say, "No, no, no! I don't think so!" which the kids in the audience found even more hilarious). Benjamin caught the first hit of the boomwhackers, which seemed to take their first victim by surprise (you can hear him yelp, which really was hilarious):

* They were criticizing everyone around them the entire time, and doing so quite loudly, too. At one point the teenage girl said, "Ew, gross! Look at how much grey hair she has. That's disgusting!" and the adult she was talking to replied, "Well, she's got five kids. That'll put some grey on you." And the teenage daughter said, "I'm never having kids if it's going to give me grey hair." And the adult said, "You can have kids, just maybe not five!" And I wanted to turn around and say something like, "Hate to break it to you but whether or not you have children you're still going to get old," or...some other much ruder things that were milling around my very human mind like being able to dye my hair quite easily but how it's not so easy to change a nasty personality. But, honestly, I have far better things to worry about, so I focused on trying to keep my five children calm and quiet (technically only four were with us because the fifth was obviously on the state, but still). 

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